Your roof is a critical part of your home’s structure. But like everything else in your home, it’s not made to last forever. Over the years, you’ll have parts of your roof that wear out. You may also face roof damage due to storms or bad weather. When this happens, you’ll have to find a roofing contractor to help get it back into shape.

Replacing your roof is one of the biggest investments you’ll make in your home. However, the only thing worse than having a damaged roof is having one that wasn’t properly installed or repaired. That’s why it’s so important to choose a roofing contractor you can trust. Here are some tips for choosing a reputable roofing contractor.

  1. Insurance matters. You may only think about your insurance coverage when it comes to roof repair and replacement, but what about your contractor’s? All reputable roofing contractors should be insured. This means that they’re covered for liability and workers’ compensation claims. It protects their employees, your property, and you.
  2. Stay away from “storm chasers.” Reputable roofers won’t knock on your door trying to sell their services. After a storm or other bad weather, these companies swarm neighborhoods trying to pick up business. They move from town to town trying to get as much business as they can. That’s not how established roofing companies work. Ask a friend or neighbor who they’d recommend.
  3. Choose a local roofer. Local roofing contractors are a part of your community. They’ll be around to help if you happen to have trouble after the work is completed. You can easily get references from people in your area and find out about the company’s reputation.

Cactus Roofing meets all of these criteria and more. We’re a dependable roofing contractor in the Saskatoon, SK area. Our roofing services include both roofing repair and roofing replacement. Call us today for a free estimate and see why we’re Saskatoon’s roofing experts.

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