Some roofing contractors cut corners to be able to give customers a rock-bottom price. While that may seem good when you’re paying the bill, it can often cause huge headaches down the road. We believe that we’re only as good as the materials we use. That’s why we partner with top names in the roofing industry for our supplies. Here are just a few of the providers we use.
IKO is a world leader in the manufacturing of bituminous roofing and waterproofing products. They are also the largest worldwide exporter of asphalt shingles. IKO was founded in 1951 in Calgary, Alberta, Canada and today operates more than 20 manufacturing locations across Canada, the United States, and Europe.
For more than 50 years, Roofmart has been the distributor of choice among industry professionals in Canada. The Roofmart name was first registered in 1969 but their roots actually go back farther than that. The business really began in 1957, when they first developed an association with IKO Industries. During the following years, Roofmart grew along with IKO to become one of the largest roofing suppliers in Canada. They are also IKO’s largest distributor.

Roofmart evolved from a series of joint ventures with various distributors to ultimately become a one-stop roofing and siding materials distributor catering to homeowners, contractors, home builders, and developers. Their employees’ vast product knowledge and superior selection in residential asphalt shingles, commercial torch-on roofing, EPDM and TPO single-ply systems, siding, ventilation, and waterproofing products, insulation, tools, and safety products has allowed every person in the industry, regardless of company size, the opportunity to get top quality roofing and siding products and accessories from one reliable source.

EUROSHIELD® Roofing Products were created 16 years ago with the goal of diverting and recycling the tremendous deluge of used tires ultimately destined for landfill. Years of research and development led to the creation of a unique formula, containing approximately 95% recycled materials, for the production of the world’s finest synthetic roofing products available on the market today. From 250 to 1,000 rubber tires are used in the production of a EUROSHIELD® roof for an average-sized home. Scrap material generated during the installation process can be collected and recycled again – virtually eliminating environmentally harmful waste.
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